Avoid Computer Problems By Updating Your Apps

We’re all guilty of ignoring app updates, myself included. But keeping your apps updated not only prevents computer problems, it also helps to protect your data.

Updating your apps is an easy way to prevent computer problems before they start. If your app is crashing or causing errors, an update can fix the problem. Features may be improved and enhanced. Compatibility is also improved, especially after the release of a new operating system when many developers take the opportunity to fine-tune their code.

Not only that, but app updates also make your computer safer. Viruses like to sneak in through holes in programming code. If you patch up those holes, it’s harder for them to get through.

Your Windows or Mac system software is the most important app to keep updated, because it controls everything else on your computer. I recommend that you apply minor updates as soon as possible. But for major upgrades, like when entirely new versions of Windows or macOS are released, it’s beneficial to hold off a bit. I usually wait until the first bug fix is released before upgrading to new system software.

Computers aren’t the only electronics that benefit from regular updates. Your tablet and phone do too, for the same reasons. And using the latest iOS or Android software is the key to protecting all of the vital information on your mobile devices.

If you’re concerned that an update may break your computer, rest assured it’s rare for that to happen. Even so, I recommend that you back up your system first, just in case. If you run into trouble, you can usually follow the software’s instructions for rolling back to a previous version.

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