Tech Companies Struggle to Remove Fake Apps

Fake apps are a real problem on the official app stores. Tech companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft are all struggling to keep them at bay. Learn how to recognize and remove fake apps in my latest article for The Northwest Herald/Shaw Media: Tech Companies Struggle to Remove Fake Apps.

How to Recognize Counterfeit Electronics

In this week’s member-exclusive How-To Tuesday on Simple Tech Tips, we’re talking about how to recognize counterfeit electronics. The recent chip shortage has exacerbated the problem of counterfeits, but there are steps consumers can take to avoid them. Learn how to recognize the warning signs of counterfeit goods and find genuine deals on computers and … Continue reading How to Recognize Counterfeit Electronics

When Good Apps Go Bad: How to Avoid Malicious Software

Fake apps proliferate online, and it’s hard to tell the good apps from the bad. Scammers are getting sneakier by hiding their malicious apps behind the smokescreen of reputable ones. Your garden-variety fake app is typically malware disguised as a fun game or useful utility. Behind the shiny exterior lies code that can steal your … Continue reading When Good Apps Go Bad: How to Avoid Malicious Software