Let’s Celebrate the Return of the Mac Chime

You may remember the cheerful chime that used to play when you started your Mac. Well, folks, it’s time to celebrate, because Apple’s bringing back the historic Macintosh startup chime.

The Mac chime began as the startup sound for the original 1984 Macintosh. It wasn’t just a marketing trick to show how this amiable-looking beige computer was friendlier to consumers than its PC counterparts. In fact, the chime was a critial part of the Mac’s startup process. It indicated the successful conclusion of the power-on self test, or what IT folks refer to as a POST. When you hear the chime, you know that the Mac has passed its internal hardware diagnostic. Along with the Happy Mac and Sad Mac, and everybody’s favorite Chimes of Death, the Mac startup chime played a crucial role in helping to troubleshoot Mac problems.

As the decades went on and Mac models changed, so did the chimes. And here they are, if you want to listen!

In 2016, chime fans were disappointed to learn that Apple removed the chime from its latest iteration of Macs. (Actually, the chime’s been living undercover on those Macs as well. There’s a terminal command you can enter to bring it back into your life.)

Now, the chime is poised for a glorious return. This will be a boon to Mac users, especially since so much tech support is remote these days. Plus, it’s just nice to hear the voice of an old friend.

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