How to Customize Your Web Browser With Extensions

Web browser extensions let you add functionality to your web browser. For example, you might use an ad blocker or antivirus extension to protect your computer from malicious sites. Password managers also use extensions to improve security when filling in online forms. Other extensions integrate with sites like Evernote, Gmail, and more.

While there are fake web extensions out there, you can avoid them by being selective about what you download and install. Only use extensions that are well-known and trusted, and be wary of lookalike fakes. Like your web browser, you’ll need to keep your extensions updated so any software bugs can’t be used by hackers to gain a foothold on your system.

Where to find your browser’s list of extensions

  • Safari: Safari menu, Safari Extensions
  • Chrome: Window, Extensions
  • Microsoft Edge: Right-click the extension icon next to the address bar
  • Firefox: Tools, Add-ons
  • Opera: View, Show Extensions

Where to get browser extensions

Useful extensions to try

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