Why You Should Upgrade Your Old Version Of Windows

lightning techtips logo-newIf you run Windows 7, you may have noticed a message on your computer recommending that you upgrade to Windows 10. That’s not just Microsoft shilling for more money. Older operating systems pose a greater risk to consumers, because they are more vulnerable to modern viruses and malware.

I strongly recommend that you upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible. Too often I hear from people who are still running ancient versions of Windows and want to know why their computers are slow, or why they can’t access certain Web sites. Worse is when people discover that they’ve been victims of identity theft or financial fraud due to viruses on their computers.

Older versions of Windows just can’t be protected properly, even with antivirus software. While I’m not necessarily a big fan of Windows 10 (especially the ham-fisted way it was rolled out, and the way it badgered users into installing updates), at least it was developed with ransomware, keyloggers, and modern malware in mind.

(Speaking of Win10 badgering for updates, you might be glad to know that, after much user uproar, Microsoft has restored the ability to control when and how updates are installed as of the May 2019 update. And about time, too.)

To check if your computer is compatible, see the specifications on Microsoft’s web site. If you have a relatively new computer, it’s possible you may be able to upgrade without having to buy new hardware. You can also find out more on Microsoft’s site about the end of Windows 7 support.

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