Security Basics For Mac Users

When it comes to computer viruses and security, don’t be lulled into complacency just because you have a Mac. I’ve been supporting Macs for decades and I can assure you, Mac users need to be just as aware of scams, fake apps, and other Internet dangers as their Windows counterparts.

It is essential that you use strong passwords on your Mac as well as on your network and other connected devices. Be sure to set up two-factor authentication for iCloud as well as your other accounts.

If you’re not protecting your Mac from Internet threats, your computer can be easily overcome by viruses and malware. Despite what you may have heard, the Mac’s built-in antivirus is not enough. You should run a robust antivirus program like the ones suggested below. There’s plenty of malware out there masquerading as antivirus, so be sure to use a reliable product. Similarly, you should watch for fake apps on the Apple App Store.

Bear in mind that Windows viruses can lie dormant on Macs. While such viruses may not affect your Mac directly, they can wreak havoc on the Windows computers on your network. Windows viruses can also attack virtual versions of Windows running on Macs.

Like all computers, old versions of the Mac system software are vulnerable to security flaws that may or may not have been fixed. Always run your system software updates, and if possible upgrade your version of MacOS to the most recent version supported by your Mac. See Apple’s web site for details. Don’t forget to back up your computer before installing updates or upgrading your operating system. Even better, make multiple backups in case the first one fails.

Here are some resources that will help you protect your Mac.

Mac Antivirus Programs

Mac Security Help

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