Dell Dumps Offensive “Della” Ads

cropped-lightning-techtips-logo-200x200.jpgI’m glad to report that Dell has rebranded the “Della” web site, less than two weeks after igniting an online furor among women in technology fields. Now called “Lifestyles,” the most offensive wording has been removed so women are no longer encouraged to purchase Dell to check their recipes and keep up with the latest fashion news.

Kudos to Dell for listening to the complaints, but fie on them for coming up with the idea in the first place. If the intent was to cater to the non-technical market, they blew it by assuming that all women are non-technical people and all non-technical people are women. Dell would do better by designing an ad campaign for non-technical people regardless of gender. Or… how about an ad campaign encouraging young women to pursue careers in technology? That would be a vast improvement over suggesting that the color of a woman’s laptop has to match her outfit. Personally, I’m more interested in how many gigahertz the computer has and whether or not it will suit my customer’s needs.

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