Internet Safety For Kids, Teens And Tweens

Internet Safety For Kids and Internet Safety For Teens and Tweens are the next classes in my computer series for the Cary Park District. As both a computer professional and a parent myself, I’ve designed these seminars to help families understand the risks and rewards of using the Internet. Parents are welcome to attend in order to share and learn alongside their children*.

Internet Safety For Kids
We will learn how kids can use the Internet safely by covering age-appropriate skills and talking about online stranger danger.

Internet Safety For Teens and Tweens
Teens and tweens will become Internet experts with this online safety class. We will review basic skills, talk about ways to use technology with less risk, and take a quiz to test your knowledge. Parents are welcome to attend.

* class fee is per participant; please see the Guidry Consulting web site or the Cary Park District for details.

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